News: Choosing the right kind of running shoes

Choosing the right kind of running shoes

Choosing the right kind of shoes is one of the most critical decisions to improve running performance. The right kind of shoe provides balance and stability, and is responsive to your specific running style.

Most runners can be categorized according to their pronation: normal, overpronation and underpronation. Pronation is the amount your foot rolls in each running step. Your level of pronation determines the kind of running shoe that would be the best fit for optimal performance.

Normal pronators, or people with normal arches, typically do best in stability shoes that provide moderate pronation control.

Overpronators, or people with flat feet, typically do better in motion-control shoes that control pronation.

Underpronators, or people with high arches, typically do better in neutral-cushioned shoes that encourage more natural foot movement.

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